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New Responsive Websites

By Ryan Atkinson


SmartEtailing's new responsive website environment has officially been launched. Watch this video to learn more and get a sneak peek at the tools. 

Over half of the vistors to your website are on a mobile device. This makes the importance of having a responsive website that adapts to your visitors device (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.) exteremly important. You want your customers to have a pleasant experience on your website regardless of how they are viewing it.

Find out how easy it is to keep your website up-to-date. Don't forget we have a team of over 20 marketing professionals that can help you keep your site looking great.


Why do you want a responsive website?

Responsive web design means that the content of a website automatically adjusts to fit a device’s screen size and orientation. When you turn your phone sideways to get a wider view and the web page turns and scales to fit the width, that’s responsive design at work. Responsive design happens on the back end of the site, in the coding. It is one of the most important ways of creating a positive user experience for a consumer.

Shoppers expect to find exactly what they want with a few taps of their thumbs. Most consumers research their purchases online—comparing brands, stores, and reading reviews—before making a purchase. Responsive design makes the user experience better regardless of the device at their fingertips.

With our updated responsive templates, your site will load faster and create a positive impression in the shopper’s mind. A recent analysis by Google revealed that over 50% of online shoppers who encounter a non-responsive website are less likely to engage with that brand. Google has also updated their search algorithm to give preferential treatment to responsive websites to serve favorable user experiences to mobile shoppers.

Are you ready to upgrade to responsive?

This latest software release includes several significant enhancements that represent a fundamental overhaul of SmartEtailing as you know it. Learn about the phased rollout process and find more information about your options for migration.

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