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How To: Promote Your Shop With Social Media

By Julie Walsh

SE_BlogPost_SocialMedia23_600x400Social media is an incredible way to connect with your customers and showcase your business while driving traffic. Many shoppers use social media to discover and explore businesses before heading into a store. This is especially important for bike shops that want to attract customers based on the character and quality of your business.

Social media is an effective way to promote products and services. More importantly, it helps you build a strong community presence, connect with your customers through people-focused content, and encourage potential shoppers to give your shop a try.


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Social Media Basics

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms that browsers use to view content. Twitter, Tiktok, and others have a place - but we’ve found it most useful for shops to keep social media tactics streamlined.

What should you post? Here’s a breakdown of what kinds of posts shoppers like to see from businesses:
  • Non-promotional content - About 1/3 of your content should be “fun” posts. Think New Bike Day pictures, photos from events or rides, pictures of bike shop dogs, etc. These kinds of posts will show your customers the personality of your shop.
  • Promotional content - Since the goal is to drive traffic to your website and the store itself, it’s important to show off your products. A new bike release or a seasonal sale will grab shoppers’ attention - just make sure to include a link back to your website so they can shop right away. Try to mix these posts in with others to keep a good balance between content.
  • Engagement - Posts that encourage customers to reply tend to perform well on social media. This could be a quiz post, a “where did you ride this weekend?” post, or even asking your shoppers what their dream bike is. Asking shoppers to reply to you on social media is a double whammy - your posts will get more engagement, and you’ll learn more about your customers.

Social Media FAQs

How often should I post?
Aim for at least a few posts per month. That way, customers will know that you’re active on their favorite platforms. A general guideline for post frequency is 12 posts per month, or a couple times per week. You can schedule posts ahead of time.Consistency is key with social media, with both frequency and content. Don’t feel compelled to have unique content on every platform, having the same content on different platforms will ensure that you’re getting the most eyes on your posts possible.

Do I need to be on social media every day?
Nope. It is a good idea to have the apps on your phone with notifications for messages of comments. Reply to those in a timely way to show you value engagement.

Who should I follow on social media?
Follow your customers and local influences in the hopes they follow you back and so you can see what’s happening in your community. Try to follow brands you work with so you can align with them periodically. Follow some other shops around the country that you think do social media well, or national chains with big marketing budgets you can learn from.

What about hashtags? Are they necessary?
Hashtags have a role to play in social media marketing, but their importance has changed over time. While it might seem wise to load up a post with tons of hashtags, users tend to think that kind of content is spam. Opt for a few hashtags that are relevant to your area or the kind of post you’re making. For example, if you’re in the Bay Area and want to make a post about bike commuting, some good hashtags would be #bayareacyclists and #bikecommuting. Try to keep hashtags short and sweet.

Do I need to have an account on every social media platform?
No. If you’re a bike shop that does occasional weekend rides or events, Twitter probably isn’t the platform for you. Not only is it difficult to keep track of all your different accounts, your target audience is going to be found primarily on Facebook and Instagram. If you make awesome videos of rides to post to YouTube, you can link those videos on your other platforms. You might choose to have a LinkedIn account to scout potential new employees, but this is up to you.

How do I promote my social media?
Organic engagement is a great way to grow your audience, but there are other ways to show off your content. Boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram will put your content towards the top of people’s feeds. You could even try a promotional post along the lines of “Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and receive a 5% discount on your next purchase!” If this isn’t your style, simply posting regularly and replying to customers will help you grow your audience. Make sure to include links to your social media in promotional emails and in the footer of your website.

I’m busy, how  can I do well on social media without putting in so much time?
SmartEtailing offers social media management services to take it off your plate. Whether you want to leverage your existing audience or grow your reach, our team will learn about your objectives and build a plan that aligns with your goals and budget. Explore our services and reach out to one of our experts today.

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