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February 2024 Marketing Content

By Julie Walsh

WS_BLOG-MarketingUpdate-Feb24_670x445Spring is nearly here, and cyclists are eager to get outside and ride. Help them find the perfect riding setup with great content. Encourage shoppers to get set up early this year, whether they're looking for a seasonal tune-up, want to explore e-bikes, or still seek the thrill of playing in the snow on a fat bike.

Our team is always here to help with your site’s content, whether you opt for free library pages or want to customize your content. Reach out to the Client Success Team or your designated marketing representative with any questions or ideas you may have to finish out the year strong.

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Fat Bikes

Who ever said you can’t ride a bike on a wintry day? Fat bike enthusiasts know how much fun it is to ride on a snowy trail. Show your shoppers the fun there is to be had on a fat bike.


Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Winter > Winter Fat Biking 2024


Winter Tune-Up

Every bike deserves a seasonal tune-up before spring. Remind your customers that the best time to show their precious bike some TLC is before the riding season begins with Winter Tune-Up content.


Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Winter > Winter Tune-Up 2024


Electric Bike Maintenance

Cyclists everywhere are excited about electric bikes, but might not know the proper way to care for them. This durable content provides an education in basic e-bike maintenance for riders.


Found in the Page Library under Products > Bicycles > Electric Bikes > Electric Bike Maintenance

Premium Marketing Content


Big Bike Sale

Clear out the sales floor for spring with new premium content. This attention-grabbing page is designed to move inventory and get folks excited about the riding season ahead. For $400, this premium content includes email and social graphics as well as copy for you to use across platforms. Get in touch with your marketing rep or the Client Success Team to get this page on your website.

Big Bike Sale

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