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July 2024 Marketing Content

By Julie Walsh

WS_BlogPost_JULMarketingUpdate24_670x445Turn up the heat this summer with sizzling new content on your website. Cater to the speed demons among us with electric road bike content. Give budding cyclists the tools they need for success with a Build Your Ride Kit, or an all-new premium New Cyclist’s Guide To The Perfect Ride. This summer season is all about getting riders back in the saddle with the gear they need. Whatever your flavor for the summer, we have the content you need.

Don't see marketing materials for the product categories that you want to promote? Want something customized to fit your landscape? Reach out to our support team or your marketing account representative today - we would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in-store.

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Electric Road Bikes

Fast, meet faster. Encourage road cyclists to add even more speed to their fleet with an electric road bike. This content highlights electric road bike models you carry with gear to match.


Found in the Page Library under Products > Bicycles > Electric Bikes >  Electric Road Bikes


Bike Rides Are More Fun With Good Gear

Having a decked-out cycling setup gives riders more opportunities to adventure by bike. We’ve all forgotten that one thing on a ride - make sure your customers have their gear ready to go with this page. 


Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Summer > Ready, Set, Ride - Cycling Essentials


Road Bikes 2024

For those that prefer analog road bikes, try this new content to showcase your selection of performance, gravel, and touring road bikes with recommended accessories.


Found in the Page Library under Products > Bicycles > Road Bikes 2024


Ready to Ride Kit - Summer Cycling Essentials    

Similar to the content above, this page is targeted toward new cyclists who might not know exactly what they need to start riding their bike. Customers can simply go down the list and check off items on this Ready to Ride Kit and start adventuring ASAP.


Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Summer > Build Your Ride Kit

Premium Marketing Content


The New Cyclist's Guide To The Perfect Ride

Gear is just one piece of the puzzle for new cyclists - what about maintenance? How about appropriate apparel? These are common questions new riders have when starting out on a bike. The New Cyclist’s Guide To The Perfect Ride premium content is durable, educational, and just what your site needs to draw burgeoning cyclists to your shop. Contact the Client Success Team or your marketing rep to get this content on your website.

The New Cyclist's Guide To The Perfect Ride

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