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Spring 2024 Marketing Playbook

By Julie Walsh

WS_BlogPost_FEB-SpringMktgPlaybook24_670x445Spring is here - now is the time to get in front of your customers and help them succeed in the upcoming cycling season. Shaking off the winter blues means shoppers are eager for adventure on two wheels, so make sure your online marketing efforts are primed for action. Read on to learn about how Workstand can help you make this a successful spring.

Your guide to spring ecommerce success

1. Configure your website for online shopping

Having your cart turned on and enabling an in-store pickup method is the best way to turn visitors into customers. Setting up an easy-to-use payment method like Stripe plus financing options gives shoppers the flexibility they’re looking for when buying products online.

2. Advertise on Google to drive local customers to your store

 While having enticing shipping options is a good way to find customers from further away, corner your local cycling market with Google Local Shopping ads. Shoppers often look to Google first for desirable products - get your inventory at the top of search results so it’s always top of mind.

3. Create automated, post-purchase emails for an easy way to stay in touch

Show customers your commitment to their satisfaction by sending out automated emails after every purchase. Once you’ve set up a campaign via Workstand IQ, you’ll be able to keep contact with customers even after they’ve left the store with no extra steps.

4. Merchandise your website to reflect your in-store experience

If your website doesn’t quite match the vibe of your store, a homepage refresh can breathe new style into the online experience. Want to take it a step further? Custom websites transform the ecommerce experience for shoppers - contact us today to learn more.

5. Allocate 2-4% of planned revenue for marketing

You may have the best bikes at the best prices in town, but new customers might not know about their bike shop options. Dedicating a percentage of your revenue to marketing on different platforms is key to attracting new customers and reminding returning shoppers why they chose you.

6. Keep your homepage up-to-date and easy to navigate

Dated, out-of-season content is a huge deterrent for online shoppers. Regularly updated information signals to customers that you’re on top of things, whether it’s a storewide sale, new service menu, or highlighting the season’s essential riding gear. Make it easy for them to browse and purchase your products by frequently updating your site within a clean, attractive format.

7. Email your customers at least twice per month

Chances are, many of your customers have given you their email address at some point. Leverage this resource by keeping them up to speed on what’s going on in the shop via email. A biweekly newsletter promoting sales, rides and events, or service promotions keeps your shop on customer’s minds. 

8. Be active on social media

Stay social with your shoppers by maintaining a presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Many people vet businesses by looking through their social media before visiting in-store or online - show off your shop’s character with an engaged, friendly persona geared toward your local community.

9. Say “yes” to marketing campaigns from brands you carry

Did you know that many big bike brands run marketing campaigns through Workstand? You can opt in to quality brand content for your website at no extra cost. Keep an eye out for email from us with opt-in information about brand marketing campaigns.

10. Use our marketing content to save time

The spring rush means less time to spend on things like website content - use ours instead. Whether you opt for free library pages or want to upgrade to SEO-rich premium content, we have everything you need to get your website in shape for spring.

Whether you’re looking for a foothold in the ecommerce world or want to expand your efforts, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how Workstand can set you up for ecommerce excellence this spring.

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