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J&B drop ships through SmartEtailing

By Ryan Atkinson

J&B is now integrated with SmartEtailing's Supplier Fulfillment service. This new offering builds on the long-standing Supplier Sync integration between the companies.

The addition of J&B means that SmartEtailing now offers drop shipping from five of the top six aftermarket distributors in the US.

Taking advantage of drop shipping lets you easily sell and ship a diverse and expansive assortment of products online for home delivery.

J&B brings unique capabilities to integrated retailers. With 11 strategically placed warehouses, they offer next day delivery service through standard ground shipping nationwide. Since most orders ship the same day they are placed - your ecommerce customers get their products faster with low shipping costs for you.

Ecommerce is increasingly important to the retail industry. The bike industry is no different, and SmartEtailing integrations have unmatched advantages to help you grow online sales.

Most bike shops have limited resources for inventory or logistics to support high-volume ecommerce. Strategic partnerships and digital integrations can overcome those barriers.

All of the SmartEtailing retailers selling over a million dollars online use drop shipping - as do hundreds of other clients looking to diversify their revenue streams with limited investment.

This new J&B integration can help you get the most out of your partnership with them by leveraging their logistics capabilities. 

Instead of having to stock more inventory or ship products from the store, you can display inventory and drop ship from J&B.

If a customer places an ecommerce order for a product that you have in stock, that you typically get from J&B, you can drop ship from J&B so the customer gets the product faster. On top of that - you save payroll in processing online orders and remove the hassle of creating purchase orders or restocking. Plus, your shelves stay full to serve in-store customers.

You can offer a substantially larger selection for customers when J&B Supplier Sync is enabled. You can display, sell, and drop ship any qualifying product that J&B stocks. 

Don’t want to show all of J&B’s inventory? No problem.

Use your Supplier Sync settings to curate the brands and categories you do want to show. That lets you take full advantage of these capabilities while preserving your shop’s preferences.

Getting started is easy

The new Supplier Fulfillment integration is available to all authorized J&B retailers today. For retailers with the Professional Website Package, there is no additional charge to connect this service. 

Interested retailers can learn more in our Help Center or by contacting our Customer Success team.

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