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Sell More Bikes With Google

By Ryan Atkinson
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Have you ever wondered why the bikes REI advertises on Google have the little "In Store" bubble next to them? That's Google's local inventory feed at work - and you can do that.

One of the many benefits of having a SmartEtailing website is that your local inventory automatically syncs to our industry leading ecommerce catalog. Your website’s ultra fast and SEO optimized product detail pages are structured to help you get in front of shoppers on Google.

When you connect SmartEtailing with Google Local Inventory Listings, the inventory you own becomes a marketing tool attracting shoppers and growing your sales.

  • Attract local customers to your brick and mortar store

  • Show customers what’s available in your store

  • Get in front of new customers faster

  • Helpful “In store” icon appears on your Shopping Ads

  • Automatically list products on Google Shopping, Business Profile, and Maps

You can integrate even more with Google to amplify the marketing benefit of your website and generate an even better ROI.

Listings are free

According to Google, searches for shopping “near me” have grown 300% in the past two years. 

Google wants local shoppers to see what you have in stock. They offer a free service to get your inventory in front of local shoppers with some “near me” searches, or even just based on their location when they are searching.

When your inventory appears in local searches, you get more customers placing click and collect orders and walking through your front door ready to buy.

SmartEtailing and Google don’t charge additional fees to list your products. The service is free with both companies.

When enabled, local shoppers will quickly see your availability in the Google Shopping tab. 

Visit our Help Center to learn how to configure your website settings and what steps you need to take in your Google business account.

Top of page one

Boost your performance by adding Google local inventory ads to your marketing plan. 

When you pay Google for premium placement, your business can compete for the most valuable views at the top of page one. This is how you get the same results as REI. Your product appears in the shopping cards at the top of page one and features the “In Store” callout. These ads, especially for bikes, have a high return on investment and are one of the best ways for you to spend your marketing budget.

Even though 93% of shopping journeys start online, consumers still have preferences for shopping locally. They also want to quickly get assurance that if they drive to your store, they will find what they want. When your inventory appears on Google, then it takes fewer clicks to see what you carry. Less friction in the shopping journey means more business for you. 

When you deliver a fast and easy shopping experience, you can sell through inventory faster. Now more than ever, the faster you can move your in-stock bikes the better off you are.

Get started with Google Local

Google makes it easy to create a local products inventory feed for free local product listings and local inventory ads. Managing ads can be simple. You can do it yourself through your business’ Google account.

If you want a faster and easier path to digital advertising results, our Search Engine Marketing team is here to help. 

We manage local and national Google Ad programs for bike shops across the country. Our team delivers sales that more than offset the costs of having professionals manage your ads for you.

Get started today

Visit our Help Center to get started right away. If you have questions about setup or want to learn more about our digital advertising services, contact us today.

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