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Klarna financing now available

By Ryan Atkinson

You can now smoothly integrate Klarna financing to your SmartEtailing website to offer your customers even more convenient payment options at checkout.

Klarna is one of the largest and most recognized of the new wave of buy now pay later services available, and is especially popular with younger consumers who want to pay for purchases over time without paying credit card interest rates.

Some of the bike industry’s largest brands have chosen to offer Klarna on their websites too. Brands like Backcountry, Trek, Specialized, and Competitive Cyclist. Not to mention a host of sporting goods and global consumer brands popular with online shoppers. 

This new feature is one more way that SmartEtailing is helping you compete in a fast-changing retail market by ensuring your business offers the same ease of shopping as your largest competitors.

Boost your online sales

You can offer your customers more flexibility while increasing your conversion rates and average order value. This is more important than ever with the increasing popularity of electric bikes and growing number of customers who want to shop online for bikes.

Klarna claims that retailers see a 41% average increase in order value. Adding Klarna as one of your payment methods has the potential to seriously boost your sales.

Klarna allows your customers a choice of splitting purchases into four equal payments or paying 30 days after their order.

Regardless of the customers’ choice, you get paid in full right away - as if the consumer had paid with a credit card.

The consumer checkout experience is fast and frictionless when buying with Klarna. Shoppers go from browsing to buying in 25 seconds. There is no added cost at checkout for shoppers, buying online is just as easy as any regular card purchase.

Add Klarna to your website

Getting started with Klarna on your SmartEtailing website is easy. Simply visit the payment methods screen in your site manager and follow the steps outlined there.


If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center or reach out to our Client Success Team for personalized assistance. 

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