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August 2022 Marketing Content

By Cate Swank

SE_EMAIL_AugustUpdate22_670x445Hello, August. Now is the time we get to prepare for the wonderful season of fall, a time of year we enjoy most atop a bike. This month our digital marketing content provides a fresh take on promoting Fall Riding which focuses on the comfort, commuter, and  fitness categories. Next up is Pre-Fall Maintenance and routine repairs significance to a quality ride experience. Lastly, Back to School shopping makes bikes and gear center stage. Most importantly, reach out to our team if you need any assistance with marketing or refreshing your website.

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SE_EMAIL_AugustUpdate22_HelloFallFall Riding

Raise your hand if fall is your favorite riding season. Well, both of our hands are lifted to the sky because fall is a true favorite of ours. Fall riding is full of great sights, breezy bliss and a welcome change from the heat waves. With this page, you’ll get some fun puns to go along with showcasing comfort, commuter, urban, fitness and hybrid bikes. Plus, some shopping options for MTB, road, gravel and electric bikes.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Fall > Hello Fall


Pre-Fall Maintenance 

Encourage your customers to take good care of their bike(s) with a friendly pre-fall maintenance reminder. This page will include recommendations for proper repair tools, cleaners, degreasers, lubes, tires, tubes, sealant, bike stands and a special shoutout to connect with your service department. Advocate for the importance of regular maintenance so they can worry less, stay safer, and ultimately have a great experience with each ride.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Fall > It's Tune Up Time

SE_EMAIL_AugustUpdate22_GetBackToClassBack To School

Time for students to stock up on school supplies and prepare to hit the books. Parents are also helping their proteges get prepared to go back to class.  Help ease the students' pain of returning to school by promoting bikes in-stock and the gear to match. Students will be able to leave summer in the dust. Show all the bikes, helmets, and accessories they can shop online or in store to get ride ready.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Fall > Get Back to Class

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